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    In September 1960, the Northwest Federation Slide Library consisted of 14 trays of 30 slides each. It was soon found, however, that 30 slides were not sufficient for a good program, so the short programs were combined, thus accounting for the unused program numbers at the first of the present slide list. Some programs have also been deleted accounting for unused numbers.

    After the 1960 annual meeting at the Convention and Show in Eugene, Oregon, the Executive Board approved a budget of $400 for the Education Committee. Under the direction of Albert J. Keen, Portland, Oregon, 20 full length programs were added to the Library during 1961.

    In the years that followed, new programs covering almost every interest in the Earth Science hobbies have been added, bringing the Library to the present size. The Video Library was combined with the Slide Library at the end of 1996 and the collection continues to grow each year via the purchase of new programs and by obtaining the winning programs from the annual AFMS Program Competition. In 2001, the AFMS purchased a series of educational Earth Science videos for the member federations using endowment fund money, this series of 26 half hour videos presents a terrific overview of the geology of our planet and will be excellent for junior programs.

    The older programs were repaired by remounting damaged slides, re-taping some worn out cassettes, and transferring reel-to-reel taped programs to cassettes. Some new cassettes were also made. There are some slides missing, and some of the cassettes are not the best. Anyone wishing to replace a cassette with one of better quality may do so with the heartfelt appreciation of the Program Librarian, as they do wear out over time.

    This revised catalog should be placed in your program aids manual and PASSED ON to future program chair in your organization, as the catalog does cost the Federation to reproduce.