Federation Fieldtrip 2015
September 16-21 2015

Federation Field Trip September 16 - 20

NFMS field trip Sept. 16-20

As you all know, this has been the year of the fires. Lets hope we get some rain before September 16. In my earlier posts about the trip, I said we would find a large area on the Succor Creek road south of Homedale ID as our large camp site. Currently the BLM is saying we can not camp on land that has any vegetation because of the extreme fire danger. They say there are not any places without vegetation large enough for our entire group. Because of this, they have urged me to use the park as our headquarters. So right now Succor Creek State Park just south of Homedale ID will be our headquarters. We will try to get as many vehicles and tents as possible into the State Park. It does have vault toilets and picnic tables and is a nice place to camp, but room for maybe 30- 40 units. There is no camping fee at the park or on BLM land. There are smaller places along the Succor Creek Road that are nice with no vegetation, where individuals can also camp . Directions are the same as was posted earlier on the website and newsletter, just go till you hit the State Park or clear areas with no vegetation. If there are any changes, I will post them on this website.

For all of those camping, please register around 6pm on Wednesday Sept. 16. at the State Park. We will meet each day at 8:00 AM and leave at 8:30 AM.

The leaders will bring samples of the material that you will find on each day. This is an outline of the day trips.

Wednesday September. 16: TRAVEL DAY. 

Thursday: GRASSY MOUNTAIN AREA.   Meet at Succor Creek State Park 8 AM 
              Everybody goes to the Grassy Mountain area and divide into several groups that rotate locations between three sites: 
Tony Griffin will lead a trip to Haystack Butte for Jasper:  
Roger Beck will lead a trip to Hoodoo Basin and Grassy mountain for some nice looking wood. Very rough road.
Ithel Kildow will lead a trip near Haystack Butte for burnt wood.  

Friday:   GRAVEYARD POINT and REYNOLDS CREEK. Everybody meets in Homedale Park in Homedale ID at 8AM.
Two groups go to Graveyard Point and rotate locations between: 
Tony Griffin taking people to 3 plume Agate locations in Graveyard Point.  
Ithel Kildow going after wood and moss agate in Graveyard Point.
Roger Beck will lead a group to Reynolds Creek in search of colorful bog agate and wood.    

Saturday: SUCCOR CREEK. Meet at Succor Creek State Park 8 AM 
Ithel Kildow will go to sites for blue opal thunder eggs and wood. Very rough road.
Tony Griffin will take a group to the two jaspers of Rocky Butte and Wildhorse, Very rough road.
Roger Beck will take a group to collect small black thunder eggs that polish nicely. 
Jose Vargas will lead a group to a site with agate nodules, some are clear, some with dendrites and some have quartz crystals. Also some hard to find, but beautiful wood.

Sunday: WAGON TOWN AND JORDAN VALLEY.  Meet at Succor Creek State Park 8 AM 
Ithel will lead a trip to Wagon town for cat tail fossils and colorful agatized wood. 
Jose will lead a group to Jordan Valley for opal replacement wood and bog agate. He has found a leaf imprint in clear agate.

Sunday afternoon or Monday is a travel day home

Four experienced local field trip leaders from the Owyhee area will lead us to several nice locations where we will find burnt wood, colorful wood, moss agate, plume agate, jasper and blue opalized thunder eggs. We will be traveling to Graveyard Point, Succor Creek, Wagon Town, Grassy Mountain and Hoodoo Basin.

 Wednesday September 16 is a travel day. Wednesday night will be registration at our central camping location, which will be a large open field on BLM land about two miles north of the Succor Creek State Park in the Succor Creek State Recreation area. The entrance to the recreation area is just east of Homedale ID on highway 19 and can be found on Google maps. There will be signs posted. This will be free dry camping with no shade, no tables, no fire rings, and with portable outhouses. We can fit many vehicles and tents on this site. There are options if you want more comfort. Succor Creek State Park just south has vault toilets, is also free, has shade and tables, but has a limited number of camping sites and is first come. Given Hot Springs, and River Haven RV Park are around 30 miles away and have multiple camping options at different prices. You can also stay at area hotels.

Thursday through Sunday we will run one or two field trips each day. We will meet at 8:00 AM, leave at 8:30AM on Thursday morning at the central camping area. We will post meeting areas for the other days. Thursday night we will have a large potluck at the central camping site. Friday night a rock swap, so bring extra food and swap material.  You could also soak in the hot springs one night. You can leave Sunday night or Monday morning.

Bring a variety of hard rock and digging tools along with sun protection. Many of these roads will be rough and require high clearance vehicles and good tires.

Please email warrenrood@yahoo.com with the number of people in your group and camping option by Sept. 5, so we can plan camping and field trip details. A special thanks to Ithel Kildow from the Owyhee club for his help.

Show Co-Chairman:

Warren Rood | Email warrenrood@yahoo.com