American Federation of Mineralogical Societies
Club News Articles and Bullitens, Contests for 2021

Any bulletin or article publish during the 2020 calendar year can be entered. The deadline for entries is January 20, 2021. I am asking each of you submit your bulletin and articles so we can have a real contest between our clubs. If you are unable to do it, please appoint someone within your club to do so.

The following instructions and forms for the monthly bulletin and article contests:
Go to and look for the files and download or print them out.

Bulletin categories for competition include, “New Editors” (any size bulletins), “Mini” (six pages or less), “Small” (7-11 pages), and “Large” (more than eleven pages). In determining page count do not count any page that information generally doesn't change like the club contact page, the mailing label page and full advertising pages.

“Original Adult Articles”, “Advanced Adult Articles”, “Written Features”, and “Drawn Features” should also be submitted. But what is the difference? Generally, an article is educational in nature, and the author has given references and suggestions for additional reading. A feature is generally short, such as president or field trip reports, hobby-related humor, shop hints, member biography/accolade, or a book review (and many more). Original Advanced Adult Articles are written by authors who have won a 1st place trophy in AFMS Adult Articles, or have earned a living in the earth science field, or have had an article or book professionally published. And, please, don’t forget to submit the “Junior Articles” and the “Special Publications”. 

Use the Fillable Features form for drawn features like an original drawn cartoon, puzzle, quiz, sketch or drawing.
Only ONE ENTRY is allowed per author or editor, per category, per club. If this rule is not followed then all entires, for that category, for your club will be removed from competition.

The only exception is in the SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS category (different types of publications for the club). IF A CLUB BELONGS TO MORE THAN ONE REGIONAL FEDERATION, the editor must pick ONE federation contest in which to participate.

I would prefer submission be made by email to
If you would like to mail your entires please send them to:

Bulletin Contest
c/o Katherine Koch
4762 Whitworth Pl S – Unit #P104
Renton, WA 98055

Let's have a good contest this year!

Kat Koch
NFMS Bulletin Aids Chairman