Juniors Program

Juniors Chairperson

Gayle Butler
8821 Equestrian Place
Crooked River Ranch, OR 97760

 NFMS Junior Achievement Award

by: Gayle Butler
NFMS Juniors Chair

Click here for your signup form and instructions for the 2018 NFMS Junior Achievement Signup Form

It is time for Junior Rockhounds to share their accomplishments from the past 2 years (2019 and 2017); the Northwest Federation wants to honor you. You must be paid up and listed as a member of your Club and the NFMS.

       Age Group 1: ages up to 7 years Age Group 3: ages 12 through 15
       Age Group 2: ages 8 through 11 Age Group 4: ages 16 through 18.

Your age as of December 31, 2017 determines the age category. If you won last year at Hamilton, MT you will need to wait until 2018 to enter again UNLESS you move up to the next age category.

Your Resume and Application together require a postmark by February 10, 2018. Winners will be notified a month later, after the NFMS Judges vote on each candidate’s Summary. If any of this sounds too complicated or if you have any questions just contact me at nfmsjunior@comcast.net OR
ask your Juniors Advisor, parent or the Federation Director of your Rock Club. Everyone will be delighted to help you in the quest of achieving fame. Monetary awards will be presented at the NFMS Annual Meeting at Yakima, Washington on Friday, April 27, 2018.

Here are your three EZ steps:
1. Write or type a short summary (resume/outline) about what your achievements are for the past 2 years (2016 and 2017), following Sections I, II, III & IV from the GUIDELINE below.
2. Photocopy the APPLICATION from the Northwest Newsletter.  Fill out the APPLICATION and have your Rock Club representatives sign their spaces.
3. Mail with a postmark by February,10, 2018, your summary (resume/outline), and completed APPLICATION to the NFMS Juniors Committee Chair,  
            Audrey Vogelpohl, 8810 37th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98126
NFMS is looking forward to giving out some money awards this year.
Section I. HOBBY RELATED (Possible 45 points)
Club involvement (field trips, committees, show participation) 20 points
Hobby Craft involvement (faceting, lapidary, metals, collecting) 20 points
Competitive involvement (display, articles, promotion, awards) 5 points

Section II. EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT (Possible 25 points)
Scholastic (honor roll, advanced classes, improvement of grades) 15 points
Extracurricular (sports, drama, debate, drill team, music) 10 points

Section III. COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT (Possible 20 points)
Events involvement (charity, volunteer, donation programs) 10 points
Scouts, Campfire, 4H-Club, Other community groups   10 points

Section IV. WORK RELATED (Possible 10 points)
Employment, Home Chores, Neighborhood Work, Business   10 points


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